• Collaborating to Create D230's Future




    When Superintendent Dr. Robert J. Nolting was announced as the next superintendent for District 230 in Spring 2021, he immediately began a listening tour to hear what students, parents, teachers, support staff, and community members saw as the future of the district. With the School Board's full support he also implemented a community input process to answer the question, "what are the most important things to focus on as we prepare students for their future?" An online opportunity provided a wide range of input from the community.

    A 75-member committee analyzed the online results and engaged in dialogue to begin to draft mission and vision statements. Some of the participants share in this video what it meant to be part of that process.

    The committee's work was then shared back out with the community for another round of online input. All of the results were then reviewed by the District Leadership Team resulting in a new mission, vision, and strategic pillars. 

    Throughout the 2021-22 school year, committee work will take place to develop specific goals within the pillars including metrics to measure success. Those goals will inform the District and School Improvement Plans that will guide our work into the future.


  • Our Mission

    Our Mission D230 is an interconnected learning community that inpires innovation, empathy and leadership

    D230 is an interconnected learning community that inspires innovation, empathy and leadership.

    Our Vision

    Our Vision: We will empower young adults to impact their communities

    We will empower young adults to impact their communities

    Our Strategic Pillars

    Our Pillars: Authentic learning experiences, community & engagement, equity, diversity& inclusion, responsive curriculum, SEL

    • Authentic Learning Experiences
    • Communication & Engagement
    • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
    • Responsive Curriculum
    • Social-Emotional Development



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