• Episode 1: D230 Proud - Start Strong

    Current students share advice on what helped them start their high school careers on the right foot.
  • Episode 2: D230 Proud - Say Something

    School leaders share tips on what and how families can report something if they see something that concerns them, as well as advice on how to start a conversation with your teen about school safety.
  • D230 Strong Video Series

    As a high school educator for 35 years and a father of three, I know firsthand the challenges parents and guardians can face in raising teenagers. I also know it is empowering to have access to information and practical tips from experts and those who have faced these same challenges while raising and educating teens. That is why District 230 is extending the reach of its Successful Schools - Successful Student Summits into a series of videos that will be produced throughout the school year. Our hope is that the resources provide an opportunity for families to have a conversation about topics of importance to them. The videos will be available here to allow families to gather the information they need when they need it. At the end of each episode will be a listing of resources, both in our schools and in our community, to assist families. 
    As always, our Guidance Offices are excellent resources for families and are always ready to assist. If you have questions about the topics covered in these videos we encourage you to reach out.
    If you have suggestions of topics for upcoming episodes, please share them with Director of Communications Carla Erdey at cerdey@d230.org
    A community of connectedness is our story.
    Dr. James M. Gay