• District 230 Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences
    will be held on Tuesday, October 12th, 2021
    from 12:00 pm to 7 pm. 

    This fall we will again utilize Google Meet to hold virtual parent/teacher conferences.
    The registration window will open as follows:

    • Sandburg - Registration opens 10/4 opens at 8am
    • Andrew - Registration opens 10/4 at 9am
    • Stagg - Registration opens 10/4 at 10am
    • Day of Parent Teacher Conferences - Registration will not be open

    Registration will close for all three schools at 8 AM on 10/8/21. There are no options to register on the day of 10/12/21.  If you were not able to register, please contact your teacher(s) via email after 10/12/21 to connect with them.
    Click here for information in Arabic, Polish and Spanish.

    Meeting Times for Fall 2021 Parent Teacher Conferences:

    • Each conference is 8 minutes in length and will occur within a virtual Google Meet appointment. 
    • Please plan to join your conferences at the time they are scheduled. Joining early or late will result in transition issues between conferences.
    • There will be two minutes in between scheduled conferences allowing for login times to each meeting.
    • Click here for instruction on how to register.


    Follow the steps below to join on your scheduled appointment:


    • Google Meet Links for each appointment will be emailed to you prior to 10/12/21. Be sure to check your SPAM folder.
    • If you did not receive the email, the meeting links will also be available in Skyward. On the left navigation bar, click on the Portfolio link and the P/T Conference Report. Here are instructions for joining via the Portfolio Link.


    • Click on the Link for the conference at the scheduled time (please do not join early or late if possible).
      • Using a Gmail account will help streamline the process - you can use your student's D230 account, an existing Gmail account, or create one. You may also choose to use your student's district chromebook, the app is already installed on that device. D230 has worked with Google to allow access from any email address, however this does not always work 100% of the time. If you are not able to join with your personal email, please use a Gmail account.
      • Meeting Code: if the meeting asks for a code, please enter in the 10-digits at the end of the URL. For example, if the meeting link is meet.google.com/abc-defg-hij, then the code is just "abcdefghij".
    • If you are using a computer, you do not need to download any apps. If you are using a mobile device, you must download the Google Meet app from the App Store or Google Play Store
    • If you are not able to join via video conferencing, please email the teacher prior to 10/12/21 to connect using a different format.


    If you run into any technical challenges, tech support is available via email or phone - click here for tech support contact information. Remote Conferences is a new process and we appreciate your patience. If you are not successful connecting with your teacher(s), feel free to reach out to the teacher after 10/12/21 to reschedule.