• D230 Inspires and Empowers

Impact Makers

  • In D230, we believe all individuals have the potential to be impact makers through innovation, compassion and leadership. These videos feature D230 students and staff who make a difference in their school, community and life. They highlight the individual and the characteristics that make them uniquely who they are.

      Andy @ Sandburg

      Cassandra @ VJA

      Peyton @ Sandburg

      Beth Gulden @ Stagg

      Jeff Brigham @ Sandburg

      Jennifer Knezz @ VJA

      PEOPEL Program @ VJA

      Antonios Roditos @ Stagg

      Chriss @ Stagg

      Andrew @ VJA

      Mary Gaido @ Stagg

      Caleb @ VJA

      Itxel @ Sandburg

      Mr Jay @ Sandburg

      Yasser @ Sandburg

      Carter @ VJA

      Serena @ VJA

      Humberto @ Stagg

      Adunola @ Sandburg

      Kylie @ Stagg