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  • Strategic Pillars in Action Video Gallery

    Throughout the school year, administrators, teachers, staff, and students have shared stories of what the Pillars look like in action through presentations to the School Board and a series of videos. These authentic portrayals of the inspiring and empowering learning opportunities are just a few of the many ways innovation, empathy, and leadership can be seen each day at Sandburg, Stagg, and Andrew High Schools.

    Click on the tabs in this gallery to hear from students and staff how they are putting the strategic pillars into action.

  • D230 Inspires and Empowers Spring 2022

      Authentic Learning

      • Authentic Learning Experiences

        Business courses provide students with authentic learning tailored to their interests. They engage in career planning and mock interviews with professionals, present a mock trial with a real judge guiding the process, and pitch business ideas in entrepreneurship scenarios. These courses show students what interactions are like in real life. They open their eyes to the opportunities in front of them, the challenges they will face, and how to overcome those challenges to be successful in a supportive environment. 


      Communication & Engagement

      • Communication & Engagement

        As schools transitioned from hybrid learning to fully onsite, building a sense of community was at the forefront of assuring students are connected to their peers and comfortable in the school environment. Homecoming planning provided the perfect opportunity for students to get involved, learn leadership skills, and build a sense of community. At Stagg High School, Student Council members chose a passion team to help plan the various aspects of Homecoming. Getting students involved makes school a more exciting place to be. They want to come to school and so do their peers.

      Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

      • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

        This year the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX which protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. In D230 we celebrate each individual for who they are and strive to provide an inclusive learning environment where students find their gifts and talents to share with the world. In 2022, the first-ever girls’ wrestling team was created in D230 with the first-ever female wrestling coach. Through the sport, athletes build self-confidence and grit that they will take with them throughout life.

      Responsive Curriculum

      • Responsive Curriculum

        If there is one constant in life and in education it’s that there is constant change. In District 230 we strive to have an adaptable curriculum that is responsive to the changes we see in students, in technology, in current events, in educational research, and in society’s needs. The pandemic has highlighted many of the ways we’ve needed to adapt. An example of this is the use of Gizmos lab simulation software that allows scientific labs to be conducted in a virtual environment. We found that the simulation software allows students to experience labs that they otherwise would not be able to complete in the school setting due to equipment or materials restraints or safety concerns.

      Social Emotional Development

      • Social Emotional Development

        As students emerge from a global pandemic the lasting impacts require the systemic support of their schools to meet their social and emotional needs. Trauma is an emotional and physical response as a result of a distressing experience or repeated exposure to distressing experiences. Trauma does not discriminate and impacts children and adults of all backgrounds. District 230 is training staff to support students with self-regulation while helping them improve their coping skills. Trauma-informed practices build a classroom community, foster predictability and consistency, allow for flexibility and student ownership, celebrate wins, and provide student-centered resources.