• Career

    Connecting students with a career as early as possible in high school is essential for a student to set future plans. Students will need to develop a 4 year plan using the career cruising website.
    Students should be able to:
        - Identify a career pathway 
        - Assess their interests and skills. Develop short and long-term goals.
        - Determine the education and or training needed to meet their career goals
        - Create a high school 4 year plan tied to their career pathway/interests
        - Participate in a career related field trip 


    CAREER CRUISING EDUCATIONAL PLAN (www.careercruising.com)
    Each Carl Sandburg high school student has a username and password already established on the career cruising website.  
                                    Username: d230-student ID#
                                    Password: student's 8 digit birthdate
    The career cruising educational goal is to have each student develop a PORTFOLIO that includes his/her 4 year educational plan through the use of the career cruising website.
    Sophomores thru Seniors have been introduced to the Career Cruising website and have started the career matchmaking process over the past two years.
    Guidance counselors will be meeting with the Freshmen during the Advisory period in October. The freshmen will start the initial process of signing on to the career cruising website and create a 4 year plan. They will input the classes they are currently enrolled in for this school year and complete the career matchmaker.