• About Us- Guidance

    Program Rationale

    The Guidance Department works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program to all students.

    • To assist students in successfully navigating the high school process while helping to prepare them for post-secondary options
    • To advocate for students by acting as liaison to all academic departments, school services and the community
    • To provide academic advising, career and post-secondary guidance and personal/social support to all students

    The Guidance Department works with students in the following areas:

    Individual Planning

    • To meet with students on an individual basis to create and monitor a four-year academic plan for high school
    • To meet with students individually to explore post-secondary options
    • To meet with students individually for personal and social issues

    Guidance Curriculum

    To meet with students and parents in small and large groups on a variety of topics, including:

    • Career exploration
    • College exploration
    • Study skills
    • Learning styles
    • College application process
    • Financial aid planning

    Responsive Service

    To work with students — both individually and in small groups — in response to a variety of academic, emotional and personal/social needs, thus providing opportunities for students to develop coping skills and strategies.