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    In our classrooms, business educators prepare students to become responsible citizens, capable of making the astute economic decisions that will benefit their personal and professional lives. Business teachers introduce students to the basics of personal finance, the decision-making techniques needed to be wise consumers, the economic principles of an increasingly international marketplace, and the processes by which businesses operate. In addition, they provide a solid educational foundation for students who want to successfully complete college programs in various business disciplines.

    Our courses are based on a vision designed to prepare students to become knowledgeable and ethical decision makers as they fulfill their roles as consumers, workers, and citizens; and are based on the conviction that business education competencies are essential for all students.

    Because all students will participate in the economic system, all students need to be literate in business and economics.

    Because all students will encounter a business environment that is characterized by diversity—both domestic and international—all students need to practice the interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills that will help them function successfully in that environment.

    Because all students will use technology as a tool for managing information, all students need to hone the lifelong learning skills that foster flexible career paths and confidence in adapting to a workplace that demands constant retooling. Technology has accelerated the pace and frequency of change not only in business but also in life. Today, life and work activities tend to overlap. This trend is likely to continue and will require more sophisticated decision-making in all spheres.

    Business education concepts can contribute to the development of this “renaissance” worker. An education for and about business offers students the opportunity to master the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to succeed in business—and more importantly, an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

    As the nature of work continues to change, business education becomes increasingly important for all students. We believe that if young people are to take their rightful place in society as productive and responsible citizens, they should have the chance to study the principles of business as they relate to their personal and professional lives.

    From The National Standards for Business Education

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