• Math

    The mission of the Mathematics Department is to develop in our students the mathematical abilities they will need to become productive citizens.  We are committed to providing curriculum, instruction, and assessment that will actively involve students in constructing and applying mathematical ideas, to solve problems and enable students to express the mathematical connections in the world around us with algebraic, geometric, or numeric representations.

    In Math there are no problems, only solutions.

    Summer Enrichment classes - Information and Registration Form

    Summer Work (2019)

    AP Stats - summer work pdf - 5th hour

    AP Stats - summer work pdf - 4th hour

    AP Computer Science JAVA - summer work pdf

    AP Computer Science Principles - summer work pdf

    AP Calculus AB - summer work pdf

    AP Calculus BC - summer work pdf


    Integrated Math

    Starting with the freshman class in the school year 2016-2017, District 230 transitioned to an Integrated Math Model.  Integrated Math is a style of Math that integrates topics from Algebra, Geometry, Number Quality, Functions, Statistics, and Probability.  For more information, please refer the Presentation Slides and the Questions and Answers documents. Our curriculum is aligned to the Mathematics Vision Project based out of Utah.  Summary of MVP from Authors


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