• Social Work Staff

    Brian Gascoin (A-L)

    Kim Gierhahn (M-Z)

    Anne Nixon-Hammoudeh (PALS/ULTIMA)


    Social Work Services

    As an integral part of the Pupil Personnel service Team, the school social workers provide auxiliary supportive service to the educational mission of the district. The basic objective, compatible with education in general, is to assist in realizing their learning potential when stress or other social/emotional factors are interfering. Primarily, the social worker’s efforts are directed towards the improvement of the individual’s academic functioning. We are also here to promote and support social/emotional learning standards.

    An initial referral for social work can come from various sources: administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, special educators, nurses, parents, and the students themselves. Social workers assess school related problems and their possible causes. Based on this assessment, recommendations are may made that may include : programming modifications, referrals to appropriate community resources, and/or school social work services.

    The school social workers also provide crisis assessment and intervention as-needed, and engage in effective problem-solving with students when appropriate. Any student in the school may speak with a social worker. Typically, students should go through the guidance department to make an appointment.


    Every student has access to the social workers.  Click here for consent for social work services.