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  • Government/Political Issues Clubs provide a forum for students to learn about, discuss, and cogitate both domestic and international events, issues, and ideas.

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  • Model UN is a combination of speech, debate, diplomacy, research, critical thinking, writing, and problem solving. We attend One-Day conferences at local High Schools and overnight conferences at Universities such as Duke, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Stanford, Yale and numerous others. At conferences, we are given countries to represent and we attempt to solve world problems from their perspective. The problems can range from how to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis, how to bring stability to the EU, to being in Harry Potter's cabinet, or even defeating the Dark side in Star Wars… There’s something for everyone!   
    Sponsors: Adam Osmanski & Jamie Osmanski
    Emails: &
    Meeting Information: Wednesdays between 3-5PM Google Meet
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    Student Council is the organization at Sandburg that represents and gives voice to the student body.  The organization meets weekly and all students are welcome to participate.
    Sponsors: Fred Peronto & Meghan Schacht
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    Meeting Information: Thursdays between 3:15-4 PM Google Meet
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    In Youth and Government we spend the year preparing to participate in the annual March Springfield Assembly in which students take over the state government in our state capitol. Youth and Government provides students with opportunities to experience how democratic government works and practice with the skills necessary in creating professional relationships and operating in a political setting. Membership is open to all Sandburg students.
    Sponsor: Pat Usher
    Meeting Information: Mondays between 3:05-3:30 PM Google Meet