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  • Publications Clubs report, produce, and issue content that is made available to the Carl Sandburg High School student body and staff. 

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    The Literary Magazine is a publication of students’ stories, poems, essays and artwork. Students submit original work and members work together to produce the magazine. Membership is open.
    Sponsor: Tom Maguire
    Meeting Information: Thursdays between 3-4 PM Google Meet
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    The Aquila is our student newspaper covering the high school community. All students are eligible to write articles and take photos. Editors must apply for positions.
    Sponsors: Tom Maguire, Victoria Phillips, & George Fear
    Emails:,, &
    Meeting Information: Wednesdays
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    The student yearbook, the Poet, is published each year in May. The book is entirely created by students, who are responsible for design, photography, and copy. All students must complete an application to join to determine position, but all are accepted and welcome!
    Sponsors: Pete Knutson & Kendra Jelcic
    Email: &
    Meeting Information: 1st Wednesday of the month at 3 PM & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6 PM Google Meet
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