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    District 230 is ALL IN on Attendance!

    Thank you for visiting our website for attendance.  As you can see, positive attendance for students is critical for their success while in school and after school.  D230 is committed to supporting all students with attendance. Many proactive strategies have been implemented to support positive student attendance.

    We have learned that students who miss even a few days of school each month are at far greater risk of academic failure and dropping out than students who attend regularly. Additionally, research shows students who do not attend school regularly are less likely to be at work regularly and on time when they enter the workforce and may form detrimental habits and mindsets about dependability that can affect job performance.  More Research is available here.

    In District 230, we have set a goal that every student in our school district attend full days regularly (ninety-five percent or better, or has nine of fewer absences in a year).

    Because attendance is so important, we are partnering with our parents/guardians and students to support and increase student attendance.  We will be communicating regularly with parents/guardians when their students miss school. Additionally, we will be working toward solution-based problem solving to increase attendance for struggling students.  Both our parents/guardians and students will be asked to take a pledge to be ALL IN on attendance.  

    We are also creating ways to proactively support and reward students for attending full days of school at a cumulative rate of 95% or higher.  School rewards will include incentive raffles or classroom reward systems. Additionally, students attending full days of school at a rate of 95% of better cumulatively, will also be issued an ALL IN ATTENDANCE pass quarterly, where our hope is YOU will be willing to partner with us to support our initiative.

    Here are the ways in which you can partner with us:

    • Provide a DISCOUNT or OFFER for the All IN card (ie 15% discount off entire purchase/service or a free upgrade on pop size, or free appetizer with meal purchase, etc). This will be used on the website and other promotional materials.
    • Provide an IN-KIND donation for student incentive raffles.
    • Provide a monetary donation to be used to support student incentive raffles and other ALL IN Attendance programming.

    All businesses partnering with D230 will be listed on our ALL IN Attendance website.  We will also promote your support via our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts based on your preferences.

    Here is a quick overview video that explains ALL IN

    If you are ready to partner with us now, please complete this very quick survey. Once you complete this survey, you will be contacted by Dr. Kim Dryier’s, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Office to confirm your donation and answer any outstanding questions.  You can also call Dr. Kim Dryier’s office at (708) 745-5214 for additional information.

    D230 is very hopeful and excited to partner with you to be ALL IN!  As noted previously, regular student attendance positively impacts students, families, schools, communities, and business.  ALL IN is a great way to support our students as they become our future leaders. 

    We look forward to our future partnerships.  Thank you for all your support.

    We are here to help and answer any questions.  For additional information or questions, please contact:

    Dr. Kim Dryier
    Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services