• Parents & Guardians

    District 230 is ALL IN on Attendance

    Thank you for visiting our website for attendance.  As you have seen, positive attendance for students is critical for their success while in school and after school.  D230 is committed to supporting all students with attendance. Many proactive strategies have been implemented to support positive student attendance.

    There are times, however, when attendance is a struggle for students.  When this happens, please know D230 is here to support you and your student.  Communication will increase between D230 and parents/guardians when students are absent.  This increase in communication is to ensure parents/guardians know when their students are absent, and to connect with resources at the school as absences increase.

    Please reach out to your student’s counselor if you need assistance with getting your student to school.  We are here to help.

    • Sandburg 708-671-3121
    • Stagg 708-974-7421
    • Andrew 708-342-5822



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  • Practical Tips

    Here are some practical tips to assist families struggling with attendance:

     If your student complains often of medical illnesses:

    • In general, students should not come to school when they:
      • are contagious.
      • have a fever of 100 or higher.
      • are vomiting.
      • are in need of a bathroom regularly.
      • have lice.
    • If your student struggles with sleep:
      • In general, teenage students (14-17 years of age) require 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  The following tips can help increase sleep patterns:
        • Minimize video games, cell phone use, tv, and exercise the hour before bedtime.
        • Keep charging stations for electronics outside of your student’s room.
        • Avoid large meals before bedtime.
        • Have a consistent bedtime routine.
        • Keep your student’s room dark, cool, and quiet.

    *National Sleep Foundation and Centers for Disease Control

    • If your student struggles with anxiety:
      • The below are suggestions aimed at assisting with anxiety.  If your student displays significant struggles with anxiety, you can consider seeking medical treatment.  
        • Keep a journal.  
        • Practice relaxation techniques.
          • Deep Breathing
          • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
          • Visualization
        • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
          • Drink water
          • Exercise, practice yoga
    • If your student is often late:
      • Establish a morning and bedtime routine.
        • Develop checklists
        • Set an alarm clock across the room
        • Implement a timeline for tasks to be completed

     Source: Absenteeism and Truancy: Interventions and Universal Procedures, bu W.R. Jenson, R. Sprick, J. Sprick, H. Majszak, and L. Phosaly, 2013, Eugene OR.

     Additional Resources

    Here are some additional resources: