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    District 230 is ALL IN on Attendance

     Students - Did you know?

    •  Students with good attendance:
      • Read Better.
      • Have Higher GPA’s.
      • Will be on track for high school graduation.
    • State-by-state analysis of national testing data demonstrates that students who miss more school than their peers consistently score lower on standardized tests, a result that holds true at every age, in every demographic group, and in every state and city tested (Attendance Works).
    • By 9th Grade, chronic absenteeism is a better predictor of graduation than 8th Grade test scores (Attendance Works).
    • If a chronically absent student does manage to graduate high school, they are less likely to enroll and persist in college (Attendance Works).
    • By sixth grade, chronic absence becomes a key predictor of drop out rates  (Attendance Works).
    • A study in Chicago found that missing even five days of school in a semester reduced graduation rates by 24 percentage points (EdWeek).
    • Students who are chronically absent report lower levels of self-esteem than their peers who attend regularly (Sprick, 2017).

    These are some of the reasons we want you to attend school, every period, every day. As such, D230 is committed to proactively honor and recognize our students attending full days of school on a regular basis as defined as 95% or better, cumulatively.  There will be many opportunities for students attending full days of school at a rate of 95% or better to be rewarded:

    • ALL IN Pass - The ALL IN Pass is sponsored by our community partners who have provided discounts or offers for all our students who attended full days of school at a rate of 95% of better.  The ALL IN Pass will be awarded quarterly based on cumulative attendance.  The ALL IN Pass can be enjoyed by both our students and their immediate families. Click Rewards to see a list of those businesses partnering with D230 and offers provided to qualifying students.
    • Advisory Reward Parties - Quarterly, your Advisory Periods with the highest number of students attending full days of school at a rate of 95% or better will be rewarded.
    • Incentive Raffles - Quarterly, individual students who attend full days of school at a rate of 95% or better will be entered into a raffle to win prizes.  Prizes may include donations from local community partners, free admission to dances, school spirit wear, and/or extra graduation tickets.

    We also understand there are times when attendance is a struggle. When this happens, please know D230 is here to support you. Communication will increase between D230 and your parents/guardians to ensure they know when you are absent, and to connect you with resources at school if absences increase.

    Please reach out to your counselor if you need assistance with coming to school.  We are here to help.


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  • Practical Tips

    Here are some practical tips to assist students struggling with attendance.

    • If you struggle getting enough sleep:
      • In general, teenage students (14-17 years of age) require 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  The following tips can help increase sleep patterns: 
        • Minimize video games, cell phone use, tv, and exercise the hour before bedtime
        • Keep charging stations for electronics outside of your room
        • Avoid large meals before bedtime
        • Have a consistent bedtime routine
        • Keep your room dark, cool, and quiet

    *National Sleep Foundation and Centers for Disease Control

    • If you struggle with anxiety:
      • The below are suggestions aimed at assisting with anxiety. Please talk with your counselor if you believe anxiety is impacting your ability to come to school. 
        • Keep a journal. 
        • Practice relaxation techniques
          • Deep Breathing
          • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
          • Visualization
        • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
          • Drink water
          • Exercise, practice yoga
    • If you are often late:
      • Establish a morning and bedtime routine
        • Develop checklists
        • Set an alarm clock across the room
        • Implement a timeline for tasks to be completed
    • If you are being bullied or teased
      • Immediately report it to your dean or a trusted teacher or staff member

    Source: Absenteeism and Truancy: Interventions and Universal Procedures, bu W.R. Jenson, R. Sprick, J. Sprick, H. Majszak, and L. Phosaly, 2013, Eugene OR.

     Additional Resources

    Here are some additional resources: