Competitive Clubs

  • Competitive Clubs compete against outside teams, other high schools, in a variety of tournaments, matches, and competitions as part of a structured regional or national league.  These clubs have coaches/sponsors and attend regularly scheduled practices.

    Special Olympics BBall

    The Bass Club is open to boys and girls who love the outdoors and enjoyfishing. The club is open to both the novice and experienced fishermen (noexperience or equipment needed). Our meetings consist of classroom and outdoor events such as, shore fishing, boat competitions, ice fishing, community service projects, and several after school field trips to listen to guest speakers give instruction on different fishing related topics.
    Sponsors: John Bartgen & Dave Arndt
    Meeting Information: contact sponsors
    VJA Chess team allows students to participate and compete in a variety of chess settings: Bughouse, weekly matches, weekend tournaments and SWSC competition.
    Sponsor: Shaun Nussbaum & Julie Johnson
    Meeting Information: Mon, Tues, Thurs 3-430pm in The Center
    Social Media Accounts:  Twitter: @VJAChess
    Debate is an organization in which students have the opportunity to speak in front of their peers in a competitive nature concerning the world events of today. The club is political in nature and presentations can be done individually or as part of a two person team. The debate team competes once a month beginning in September and concluding with the IHSA State Tournament in Springfield in March.
    Sponsor: Jim Wool 
    Meeting Information: Wednesdays in Media Center 315pm
    Interested in eSports, online gaming, or video games? Join VJA SMASH club and start competing today!
    Sponsor: Adam Weis
    Meeting Information: Tuesdays 3-5pm in room 158
    Social Media Accounts:  Twitter: @vjasmash
    Group Interpretation offers student the opportunity to participate in IHSA sanctioned competitions in the interpretation of literary works in a group presentation. Students will use their creativity, movement, and acting skills to create a 30 minute piece. Auditions take place in the winter and they compete in March.
    Sponsors: Kristen Cochran & Lauren Robinson
    Meeting Information: Tryouts in Winter, meeting schedule TBD 
    Students interested in mathematics participate in competition against other suburban schools and in the SWSC Conference. Written and oral competitions are held Wednesday evenings between September – February. Strong enrichment to honors level mathematics curriculum.
    Sponsor: Eric Johnson & Shawn Nussbaum
    Meeting Information: Meets 3-4pm in room 350 on Wednesdays.
    Social Media Accounts:  Twitter: VJAMathletes
    The purpose of the Robotics Team is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders.  Students will design, build, and program a fully functioning robot for competition.
    Sponsors: Gina Johnson & Kristy Holben
    Meeting Information: Meets in room 308 from 3-4pm on Thursdays.
    Students interested in trivia, especially academic related trivia (history, science, and literature) compete against teams from other schools. Competitions run December through March. Membership is open to any interested student.
    Sponsors: Heather Boston & Chris Budnick
    Meeting Information: Meets in room 346 Mondays from 3-4pm
    Social Media: Twitter-@VJAScholBowl
    Preparing for leadership in the world of work. Students apply skills learned in applied technology courses and compete at various levels. Membership limited to qualified students in an Applied Tech or FACS course. 
    Sponsors: Mark Lobes, Abe Othman, Jen Knezz, & Sarah Szablewski
    Meeting Information: See Sponsors
    Special Olympics is a global organization that unleashes the human spirit through the trans-formative power and joy of sports and social opportunities. All are welcome to participate or lend a hand as a mentor/volunteer within our club. Our VJA Special Olympics Teams are multiple time STATE CHAMPS!
    Sponsors: Phil Dryer, Jeanann Paczeszny, & Lori Dee
    Meeting Information: Meets in S-155/S-156 on Mondays between 3-4:30 PM
    Social Media: Twitter- @VJA_SO
    Students select and rehearse dramatic, humorous scripts or prepare speeches to compete in the 13 IHSA Speech Individual Events. This competitive team is open to all students who enjoy performing public speaking and improving their speaking skills.
    Sponsor: Natalie Jones
    Meeting Information: Meets Tuesdays from 3-6pm in room 248
    Social Media: Twitter- @VJASpeechTeam
    ACES (formerly WYSE)
    WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science & Engineering) is an academic composition offering students opportunities to challenge their math and science skills and problem-solving abilities in a variety of areas. Students compete at various levels.
    Sponsors: Julie Johnson  Eric Johnson
    Meeting Information: see sponsors
    Social Media: Twitter- @VJA_ACES