Special Interest Clubs

  • Special Interest Clubs allow groups of students who share common interests to meet and carry out activities as organized bodies for educational or recreational purposes.

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    Anime Club is a social club that meets 3 times a month to watch new and classic Anime. 
    Sponsor: Joe Geiger
    Email: jgeiger@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Every other Monday 4-5 PM Google Meet
    Art Club is an organization open to all students regardless of artistic experience or ability. As a group, the members design a club shirt, watch demonstrations by local artists, and have an opportunity to explore their own art interests. New members are always welcome.
    Sponsor: Wes Gonzalez
    Email: wgonzalez@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Wednesdays between 3:15-4 PM Google Meet
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    Auto Club offers students experiences in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.  Auto I experience preferred.
    Sponsor: Dan Jurzec
    Email: djurzec@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Every other Tuesday at 3 PM Google Meet
    The Culinary Arts club brings people interested in culinary arts and food service together at least once a month to cook and learn about cooking techniques, ethnic foods and to prepare for competition.
    Sponsors: Lee Angel & Lisa Greenhill
    Emails: langel@d230.org & lgreenhill@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Every other Wednesday at 4:05 PM Google Meet
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    Members learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create a variety of different projects. Members will learn how to Screen Print, Heat Transfer Print use both Inkjet and Color Laser Printers. We will help out other clubs, activities and athletics with designing projects and printing projects up to our capabilities
    Sponsor: Abdallah Faraj
    Email: afaraj@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Every other Wednesday between 3-4 PM Google Meet
    Take a moment out of you day and re-energize with the Mindfulness Club. We meet every Thursday after school in an inviting and reflective environment.
    Sponsor: Michelle Hoven
    Email: mhoven@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Mondays from 3:15-4:00 PM in room S235.  Virtually: Last Monday fo the month from 8-8:30 PM Google Meet
    The Prom Committee works together to plan the junior/senior prom held in the spring. Together they make decisions concerning theme, favors, food, decorations, music, etc. Membership is open to juniors and seniors. 
    Sponsor: Jamie Osmanski
    Email: josmanski@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Tuesdays (Nov-April) at 3:10 PM Google Meet
    Science Club encourages students to incorporate science into school, community and students’ lives. Membership is open.
    Sponsors: Ewa Mroz & Julie Kuhn
    Emails: emroz@d230.org & jkuhn@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month between 3:10-4 PM Google Meet
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    Interested in being a part of one of the greatest student sections in the state? The SuperfanZ are looking for you! Join up and help run student tailgates, cheering at athletic events and building school spirit. 
    Sponsor: Ramis Habboub & Greg Gardner
    Emails: rhabboub@d230.org
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    Woods club aims to further students’ knowledge of woodworking. Students work on various projects while learning how to safely handle the tools. Open to all students.
    Sponsor: Mark Diorio
    Email: mdiorio@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month between 3-4:30 PM Google Meet
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    War Hammer is a place for students who enjoy the game and the hobby to meet together. Activities are split between painting miniatures and playing the games.
    Sponsor: Julie Terlep
    Email: jterlep@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Tuesdays between 3:15-4 PM Google Meet