Government/Political Issue Clubs

  • Government/Political Issues Clubs provide a forum for students to learn about, discuss, and cogitate both domestic and international events, issues, and ideas.

    Youth & Gov. students at Capital

  • Model UN

    Model UN is for students that are interested in global issues.  If you are interested in politics and trying to make new public policy, this club is for you.


    Sara Sweeney:

    Meeting Information:

    Two Tuesdays a month from 3:03 to 4:00

    Google Classrom Code will be shared with members

    Video: Link

    Twitter: @un_vja


    Student Council

    Student council is a school wide club that focuses on developing leadership skills, increasing school spirit, building connections with other T-Bolts,  and connecting with our community.


    Barb Sopiarz:


    Meeting Information:

    Thursdays, Time: 7:30AM or  8PM (check Google Classroom for Meeting schedule)

    Google Classroom code: t3yykpb

    Video: Link

    Twitter: @AndrewStuCo


    Youth in Government 

    Students in Youth and Government have an interest in politics, law, debate, public policy, and influencing change at the state leve.  


    Mark Lobes:

    Meeting Information:


    Twitter: @VJA_Lobes