Multicultural & International Clubs

  • Multicultural/International Clubs promote cultural awareness and the fellowship of all Victor J. Andrew High School Students.  These clubs provide opportunities for students to learn and appreciate their own backgrounds, interests, values, and beliefs as well as the diverse backgrounds of other student groups.

    Project Diversity Showcase

    A Christian Club that meets monthly and participates in various community service events over the course of the school year.
    Sponsor: Steve Moss
    Meeting Information: meeting dates and times vary, contact sponsor
    This club provides students an opportunity to celebrate their own culture, as well as explore other cultures and ethnic groups. Regions include Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Members enjoy showcasing their culture and talent in two major events-Global Expo and Dancing with Diversity. ALL students are welcome!
    Sponsor: Sara Sweeney & Gina Johnson
    Meeting Information: Meets in S-201 every Tuesday between 3-4PM
    Social Media:   Twitter- @VJAdiversity
    The purpose of the club is to introduce students to the cultures of France and many francophone countries around the world. You do not need to be taking French in order to participate in the club.
    Sponsor: Jen Jordt
    Meeting Information: Meets in 345 every other Wednesday from 3-4PM
    Social Media:   Twitter- @VJA_JCL
    If you are interested in the culture of German speaking countries then German Club is the place for you! German Club provides an opportunity for students to learn more about German culture, heritage, and language. Some of the activities enjoyed by club members will be going to German restaurants and festivals, meeting with foreign exchange students and visitors, playing games in German, movies, music and more. Macht mit!
    Sponsor: Erika Luppachino  & Virgina Krosel
    Meeting Information: Meets in room 301 or 303 on various dates each month from 3-4pm
    Social Media: Twitter-  @FrauL
    The Muslim Student Association meets weekly after school to hear speakers, have discussions, and plan yearly events. 
    Sponsors: Hanan Mustafa & Inam Younis 
    Meeting Information: Meets in various locations due to size of group. Please contact sponsors
    Social Media: Twitter-  @Andrew_MSA
    Video: Link