Occupational Clubs

  • Occupational Clubs offer opportunities for students to participate in real world workforce scenarios and to prepare for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, and for further education.

    Future Teachers Club on a recent trip to ISU

    Auto Club offers students experiences in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.  Auto I experience preferred.
    Sponsor: Abe Othman
    Email: abothman@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in the Auto Shop on various dates, email sponsor
    The BPA is a national club that allows students to test their skills in over 50 different competitions. As students advance through area and state competitions, they will then be able to travel to different states and compete at a national level. Areas that competitions focus on include: financial services, administrative support, information technology, and management/marketing/human resources. There is something for everyone; come see what this fun and exciting club has to offer you.
    Sponsor: Cathy Wojcik
    Email: cwojcik@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in room 324 on Tuesdays between 3-4PM
    Social Media:  Twitter- @cathywojcik
    Students broadcast and record footage for online viewing of events at school. Activities range from athletic and activity recordings to creation of video/CD productions.
    Sponsor: Matt Niemiec
    Email: cfrye@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in S-115 on the 1st Monday of the month between 3-4PM
    Social Media:  Twitter- @VJATVofficial
    DECA prepares students for employment in the business world by strengthening their leadership and problem-solving skills in marketing and management. However, students don't have to pursue a career in marketing or business to benefit from participating in DECA. This club prepares students on how to be a more productive employee in any field .by participating in a variety of DECA field trips and competitions.
    Sponsor: Jessica Koleno
    Email: jkoleno@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in the media center on Wednesdays from 3-4pm

  • Child Care Club
    Club works directly with the Andrew Pre-School. For anyone interested in working with children, early education, or teaching.
    Sponsor: Jennifer Knezz
    Email: jknezz@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in room 113 from 3-4pm every other Thursday
    Social Media:  Twitter- @VJA_FACS
    New club for the 2019-20 school year.  For anyone interested in working with children, early education, or teaching at any level.
    Sponsor: Jen Knezz  & Tycee Sasso
    Email: jknezz@d230.org    tsasso@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meet in room 113 from 3-4pm on the following dates: 9/25, 10/18 (ISU), 11/20, 12/11, 1/29, 2/26, 3/18, 4,22, 5/13
    Social Media:  Twitter- @VJA_FACS
    The Med Club provides opportunities to hear from professionals in the medical field as well as provides opportunities to compete in the HOSA state competition.
    Sponsor: Christina Erickson
    Email: cerickson@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in the Athletic Training Room on various dates before and after school, Email Sponsor
    Woods club aims to further students’ knowledge of woodworking. Students work on various projects while learning how to safely handle the tools. Open to all students.
    Sponsor: Adam Weis
    Email: aweis@d230.org
    Meeting Information: Meets in room 147 every Wednesday between 3-4PM
    Social Media:  Instagram- @atomweis