Career Readiness & Exploration

  • Stagg Guidance shares the goal of connecting students early on in high school to a possible career path through a variety of exciting ways:


    Career Exploration - Field Trip Calendar
    Each year we partner with Moraine Valley to give students the opportunity to explore different career paths. 
    Above is a calendar of career field trips which Stagg students will have the chance to participate in. 


    Period 2 Enrichment/Career Opportunities 
    Counselor assistance with all things related to career exploration; presenters on various career fields including the military will also be offered.  


    Career Cruising
    The Guidance Office has implemented a plan to make sure that each student is connected with the Career Cruising Website. This website allows students to be matched to possible careers and develop a 4 year plan. The guidance department will help students search for colleges and careers.


    Military Visits (Contact Information)
    We have regular visits from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and National Guard typically held in our lunchroom.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in the military, connect with your counselor on upcoming visits. 


    Career Field Trips
    Each year Guidance Office takes field trips to Moraine Valley and other business sites to help connect students with various careers.  Listen to announcements or see your counselor for more information.