• Scholarships

    Scholarships are awarded to students through several channels. Commonly, a student obtains most of their merit based money from the instituion they are attending. The other channels are through opportunities offered to the general population. You can find these scholarship oppotunities through our scholarship database webpage and through our twitter page. We also encourage you to research scholarships on the national scholarship links listed below. 


    Local Scholarship Application

    The Local Scholarship application is for Andrew Seniors only. Applicants who meet the criteria of one or more of these scholarships can submit an application. Applications are available in the month of February. Please stop by the guidance office for the application. 


    National Scholarship Links


    Please see your Guidance Counselor if you have any questions.


    Scholarship Database


    This list of scholarships are sent to us through various invidiuals and/or institutions. Please review all scholarships, pay attention to the requirements and the deadlines. Should you have any questions about the scholarships; please reach out to Mrs. Driscoll in the Guidance Office or stop by the College & Career Center.