Academic Planning:

    For all students of CHSD 230, we provide programs and services so that each student demonstrates:

    • character that embodies accountability, responsibility, integrity, ethical citizenship, respectful relationships and positive leadership.
    • ethical, effective communication and “real world” skills necessary for success as an active participant in a rapidly changing, technologically global community.
    • critical thinking, effective problem solving and organizational skills.
    • their fullest potential by setting future-focused goals that result in adaptability for an ever-changing career climate.
    • growth through learning experiences that balance and blend rigor, relevance and relationships.


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    Graduation Requirements: 

    Eighteen academic credits plus successful completion of mandatory 7 semesters of physical education courses are required. Classes meet for 18 weeks and earn 1/2 credit per semester. Specific credit requirements for CHSD 230 include:

    Areas of Study Required Credit
    English 4
    Mathematics 3
    Science 2
    American Government 0.5
    U.S. History 1
    Social Studies Elective 0.5
    Health 0.5
    Consumer Education 0.5
    Art, Business, Technology Family & Consumer Sciences, Music, Technology & Engineering Education,  World Languages 1
    Physical Education (7 semesters) 3.5
    General Electives 4.5
    Total Credits 21.5
    Constitution Exam (part of required American Government course) MUST PASS
    Service Learning 25 hours
    FAFSA Completion or FAFSA Waiver  
    State Assessment: State SAT taken jr. year  

    • The Consumer Education requirement may be fulfilled by completing Consumer Economics, General Business or Personal Finance, Economics, AP Micro, or AP Macro.
    • A passing grade in American Government indicates successful completion of the Constitution requirement.
    • The Service Learning requirement allows students the opportunity to enrich and extend their learning through recognition of the needs of their schools and communities.
    • English and Math courses are sequential and each is designed as a prerequisite for the next course in the sequence. Students failing a course in Math or English MUST REPEAT the course successfully before continuing in the sequence. Summer School is the best option to make up these types of deficiencies.
  • VJA Dual Credit