• Graduation Requirements 

    Eighteen academic credits plus successful completion of mandatory 7 semesters of physical education courses are required. Classes meet for 18 weeks and earn 1/2 credit per semester. Specific credit requirements for CHSD 230 include:


    Areas of Study Required Credit
    English 4
    Mathematics 3
    Science 2
    American Government 0.5
    U.S. History 1
    Social Studies Elective 0.5
    Health 0.5
    Consumer Education 0.5
    Art, World Languages, Music, Business, Applied Tech or Family & Consumer Science 1
    Physical Education (7 semesters) 3.5
    Constitution Exam (part of required American Govenment course) MUST PASS
    Writing Intensive Course 2
    Service Learning 25 hours

    • The Consumer Education requirement may be fulfilled by completing Consumer Economics, General Business, Economics, AP Micro, or AP Macro.
    • A passing grade in American Government indicates successful completion of the Constitution requirement.
    • Two courses must be approved as ‘Writing Intensive Courses” – one must be an English course and one may be provided as part of an approved course – this does not increase the number of required courses.
    • The Service Learning requirement allows students the opportunity to enrich and extend their learning through recognition of the needs of their schools and communities.
    • English and Math courses are sequential and each is designed as a prerequisite for the next course in the sequence. Students failing a course in Math or English MUST REPEAT the course successfully before continuing in the sequence. Summer School is the best option to make up these types of deficiencies.