• Science Academic Support

    Need assistance in your Science class?  

    Check out the following resources available to you.


    Your Science Teacher

    • Your teacher would be happy to assist you and can also help you decide if any of the other options below would be beneficial to you.

    Period 2 Intervention

    • All teachers are available to assist students during Period 2 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and many Fridays during the school year.  

    Charger Learning Center (CLC)

    • Staffed by teachers and student tutors, the CLC is open during all lunch periods for students who desire tutoring in these many subjects, but especially in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students can report directly to the CLC room during their study hall or lunch period in order to take advantage of this intervention.

    Evening Review Sessions

    Charger Resource Intervention

    • This prescribed intervention is offered to students who have demonstrated a need for additional academic support in one or more of their classes. More information will be communicated to those in need of more help.

    Additional Resources

    • SWSC List of Tutors - list of teachers who tutor students in various subject areas; please contact non-District 230 teachers for tutoring. (AAS, CRL SND [CS], & VJA are the District 230 schools.)
    • Khan Academy - short video lessons on various Science-related topics as well as SAT and AP test prep