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    Credit Recovery

     Driver Education  


  • Blended Early Access / Acceleration

    First Session: June 7th - June 28th
    (Session 1 is Now Closed for Registration)

    Monday - Thursday
    No school on June 19th
    $400 year long | $200 semester course
    Payment due by March 15, 2023

    Second Session: July 5th - July 25th
    Session 2 Registration will close June 9th, 5pm
    Payment due by June 15th

    Monday - Thursday
    $200 semester course

    Course Offerings
    Blended- Early Access Courses. 
    These courses will be provided in a virtual format led by the teacher.  The following courses are available for students to register for:

    • English
      • Junior Literature 11th grade

      • Mythology and Chicago Literature 12th grade

    • Social Studies
      • Government 10th-12th grade

      • Economics 10th-12th grade

      • US History- 11th grade

    • Science: Honors Biology (Current 8th graders must currently be in Honors Math 1)
      • Other: Consumer Economics - 9th-12th grade


    • Students are expected to follow assignments, required due dates and meeting dates/times provided by the teacher. 
    • If NOT on pace/progressing/passing, then teacher meetings are required.

    Credits Allowed

    • Students can take 0.5 credits per session (1.0 credit total). 

    Fee Structure for Blended Early Access / Acceleration

    • Semester-long course: $200
    • Year-long course: $400
    • Courses beginning June 7th, payment is due March 15th,2023. Otherwise dropped from the roster
    • Courses beginning July 5th, payment is due June 15,2023. Otherwise dropped from the roster

    How to Register for Blended Early Access / Acceleration

    • Registration will open on February 13, 2023 at 8 am. 
    • Use Arena Scheduling within the parent portal of Skyward Family Access to register for the course.
    • Fees are automatically added to the parent portal of Skyward Family Access account.
    • Parents pay the fee through the Fee Management tab, which leads to RevTrak; if payment is not made by the deadline dates, the student will be dropped from the course.