• Andrew Health Services Staff

    The School Nurse is available on a full-time basis to help students with their health problems, including:

    1. Personal health conferences may be held with individual students at the student’s request, teacher’s request, or as the nurse deems necessary.
    2. Tests for vision and hearing are done annually for transfer students, students receiving special education services, on a referral by teachers, or at the request of any student who feels he/she has a visual or hearing problem. Should there be any indication for further examination, notification is sent to the parents advising consultation with their family physician. Parents should notify the school nurse if they do not want their student tested.
    3. Standard first aid is available to those students who become ill or injured while at school. However, first aid is immediate and temporary care. Care beyond first aid must be provided by the parents or family physician.

    If students have questions concerning their health, they should make arrangements to see the nurse. However, the student should remember that there are appropriate times to see the nurse and certain procedures to be followed:

    • Get a pass from the teacher.
    • Use good judgment as to the time to come to the Nurse’s Office.
    • Come in for first-aid immediately following an injury that occurs at school, especially in physical education class.
    Health Services Staff Picture
    Teri Shiley, MA, RN, PEL-CSN
    Illinois Certified School Nurse
    Certified Vision and Hearing Screening Technician
    Phone: 708-342-5858
    Email: tshiley@d230.org
    Bonnie Deval
    Health Services Secretary
    Phone: 708-342-5859
    Email: bdeval@d230.org
    Health Services Contact Information
    Phone: 708-342-5859
    Fax: 708-737-7725
    Email: vjanurse@d230.org