• Building and Finance Committee

    The Building and Finance Committee systematically reviews the financial condition of the district and makes recommendations to the School Board on matters of district finance. This committee also oversees all building projects within the district and advises the School Board on the progress of those projects. 


    Susan A. Dalton - Chair
    Lynn Zeder - Vice Chair
    Dave O'Connor - Board Member
    Kate Murphy-Peterson - Board Member
    Tony Serratore - Board President, Ex. Officio
    Dr. Robert Nolting - Superintendent
    John Lavelle - Asst. Superintendent for Business Services
    Dave Keating - Director of Facilities
    Tera Wagner - Director of Finance
    Dr. Derrick Smith - CS Principal
    Eric Olsen - AAS Principal
    Abir Othman - VJA Principal
    Peter Nkwo - CS Community
    Arthur Osmelak -  CS Community
    Ogo Akpan - CS Community
    Donald Vacha  - CS Community 
    Rick Duda - AAS Community
    Fred Hausmann, Jr. - VJA Community  
    Brian Sullivan - VJA Community 
    Jackie Grove-McGann - VJA Community 
    Justin Stirn - Teacher's Association
    Tammy O'Malley - ESP Association


  • Minutes and Agendas