• Student Services Committee

    The Student Services Committee will consider policy suggestions, and provide information and recommendations to the Board. 


    Melissa Gracias, Chair
    Dave O'Connor, Vice Chair
    Sue Dalton, Board
    Partick O'Sullivan
    , Board

    Tony Serratore, Board President, Ex Officio Member
    Dr. Robert Nolting, Superintendent, Ex Officio Member
    Dr. Kim Dryier, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
    Lisa Shulman, Director of Student Services
    Dr. Derrick Smith, Principal
    Eric Olsen, Principal
    Abir Othman, Principal
    Michelle Etchason, Teachers' Association
    Sheli Thoss, Teachers' Association
    Jennifer Karalis, ESP Association
    Robin Murphy, VJA Community
    Kevin Purcell, VJA Community
    Aseal Tineh, VJA Community
    Elizabeth Gierach, CS Community
    Donald Vacha, CS Community
    Megan Krueger, CS Community
    Nareman Taha, AAS Community
    Nadine Scodro, AAS Community
    Lourdes E. Heiy, AAS Community 

  • Minutes and Agendas