Student Services Committee

  • The Student Services Committee will consider policy suggestions, and provide information and recommendations to the Board. 


    Susan Dalton, Chair
    Lynn Zeder, Vice Chair
    Mohammed Jaber, Board
    Melissa Gracias, Board President, Ex Officio Member
    Dr. Robert Nolting, Superintendent, Ex Officio Member
    Dr. Kim Dryier, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
    Lisa Shulman, Director of Student Services
    Dr. Derrick Smith, Principal
    Eric Olsen, Principal
    Dr. Abir Othman, Principal
    Sheli Thoss, Teachers' Association
    Kristi McFarland, ESP Association
    Kristine Cremins, VJA Community
    Megan Scislowicz, VJA Community
    Jennifer Thomas, VJA Community
    Katie Dimperio, CS Community
    Jessica Nickless, CS Community
    Megan Fenlon, CS Community
    Georgia Alikakos, AAS Community
    Diedre White, AAS Community
    Kim Segovia, AAS Community

  • Minutes and Agendas