Top 5 Reasons to Work in D230

      1. Reputation

      2. Compensation

      3. Your Growth

      • 3. Commitment to Professional Growth D230 values continuous learning and professional growth. We offer development opportunities including training, mentoring & coaching for teachers, on-site and virtual professional development approved for ISBE licensure renewal, and workshops for non-instructional staff.

      4. Excellence

      • 4. Shared Commitment to Excellence Our organization is built upon the development and expansion of partnerships involving all stakeholders focusing upon the implementation of our strategic plan.  School and district improvement plans are collaboratively developed with input from all stakeholders of the educational community.  Continuous improvement is realized through the comprehensive implementation of Professional Learning Communities.  Daily advisory periods provide a mechanism to support our students' educational, social, and emotional growth.

      5. Location

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        Dr. Julia Wheaton
        Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
        (708) 745-5213

        Jill Coyne
        Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
        (708) 745-5239

        Marge Forberg
        Human Resources Specialist
        (708) 745-5243

        Susan Huish
        Human Resources Specialist
        (708) 745-5249

        Title IX Resources

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      • D230 Inspires and Empowers

        In District 230, our staff inspires and empowers. Our students. Our colleagues. Our community.

        Every member of the school community is committed to providing innovative learning opportunities that inspire empathy and empower leadership.

        These are a few of those stories.

          Equity and Inclusion

          Facility Improvements

          Meditating and Song

          Orchestrating a Stretch

          PPS Outreach

          Psychology of Teaching

          Responsive Curriculum

          Running Close to Home

          Trying New Things