• Mission of District 230

    The mission of Consolidated High School District 230, a student-oriented center of learning, is to graduate young adults prepared to realize their life-long potential in an ever-changing world. We accomplish this through a shared commitment to core values by caring students, staff, family, and community.

    Core Values

    Student Centered

    Our schools maintain a learner-oriented climate which emphasizes high expectations for all students. We help all students meet their potential by providing comprehensive education, co-curricular and support programs. Policies and programs of the district are designed to create paths of opportunity, and progress on key indicators of student success and are the first priority of the district.

    Mutual Respect

    Our schools actively engage staff, parents, and community partners in legitimate dialogue to add valuable impact and ongoing improvement. Decision-making processes and communications methods are characterized by mutual respect and integrity and are driven by opportunity to affect change.

    Human Potential

    Human potential of all staff is recognized, developed and respected. Ongoing staff development is aligned to system goals and driven by data-based needs. Staff satisfaction aligned to the goals of the district is regularly assessed and reported.

    Continuous Improvement

    A continuous improvement organizational planning model is implemented to meet the changing needs of our students and community. Continuous improvement is characterized by decision-making based on measured needs, by a process orientation to problem solving, and by sharing knowledge on research-based programs throughout the organization.

    Resource Efficiency

    Our school system demonstrates resource efficiency in budgets and facilities. The budgeting model emphasizes value-added (cost benefits) approaches and encourages innovation. Facilities are maintained to assure safety and efficiency, and facilities programming creates equitable opportunity for students and access for community partners.

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    S4 Touchstone 

    For all students of Consolidated High School District 230 we provide programs and services so that each student demonstrates:

    • Character that embodies accountability, responsibility, integrity, ethical citizenship, respectful relationships and positive leadership
    • Ethical, effective communication and “real world” skills necessary for success as an active participant in a rapidly changing, technologically global community
    • Critical thinking, effective problem solving and organizational skills
    • Their fullest potential by setting future-focused goals that result in adaptability for an ever-changing career climate
    • Growth through learning experiences that balance and blend rigor, relevance and relationships.

    S4 Goals

    District 230 fulfills its mission and goals through a collaborative goal setting process. In conjunction with administration, teachers, support professinals, the school board holds a goal setting session each summer. The results of this meeting are the S4 Goals that are accomplished through the collaboration of the board, administration and staff. Monthly updates are provided to the school board regarding progress made toward achieving these goals.