• "Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself." - Plato

    We live in a mathematical world. Whenever we decide on a purchase, choose an insurance or health plan, or use a spreadsheet, we rely on mathematical understanding.

    The level of mathematical skills needed in the workplace has increased dramatically. In such a world, those who understand and can do mathematics will have opportunities that others do not. Mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures.

    Students have different abilities, needs, and interests. Yet everyone needs to be able to use mathematics in his or her personal life, in the workplace, and in further study. All students deserve an opportunity to understand the power and beauty of mathematics. Students need to learn a new set of mathematics basics that enable them to compute fluently and to solve problems creatively and resourcefully.

    Math Tutoring During Study Hall/Lunch and Period 2

    The Stagg Math department offers math tutoring during periods 4, 5 and 6 in the Media Center area. In addition, students can sign up to meet with their teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays during period 2.

    Evening Review Sessions

    Many math teachers offer evening review sessions to assist students. Please check with your child's math teacher to see when those sessions will be offered for that specific course. Students can attend any math teacher's evening review session, not just the session offered by their teacher.

    Integrated Math while applying Mathematical Skills

    Integrated Math pathway is a style of Math that integrates topics from Algebra, Geometry, Number Quality, Functions, Statistics, and Probability into one course.  Each course then delves deeper into each of those topics while applying the mathematical skills like problem solving, collaboration, and discovery.  

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