Charger Health Department wins 4th Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence in Education
  • Physical Education, Health & Driver Education

    The Health and Physical Education Department believes that our primary goal is to enhance the quality of life of our students. The focus is to encourage our students not to just avoid sickness, but to achieve wellness.

    Wellness is a state healthy balance whereby an individual makes sound decisions regarding exercise and fitness, nutrition and diet, rest and relaxation and health habits. A person’s lifestyle, or the way they choose to live, has the greatest affect on health.

    Statistics show that seven out of ten leading causes of death are related to personal habits and behavior. Thus, in order for wellness to be achieved, responsible decision-making must take place. As Physical Education teachers, we believe it is our responsibility to develop in our students, an awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, so they can make responsible decisions and be able to consider the consequences of those decision-making skills to make rational lifestyle choices.


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