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    As your student continues his/her education at Stagg we hope that he/she will take the time to review the co-curricular offerings and consider getting involved in one of the many activities we have to offer. The activities listed here provide students with the opportunity to learn the values of teamwork, responsibility and leadership, diversity, perseverance and to develop a sense of culture and community within our school. Additionally, involvement fosters a student’s moxie, building on their courage and determination.

    Studies have shown that when students are active participants in their school activities they achieve more success in the areas of attendance, academic achievement, and motivation for continued learning in the post-secondary world. Their involvement reinforces lessons learned within the classroom setting, enables students to apply the skills they have learned and contributes to their overall, well-rounded education.

    Stagg students have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of activities that encourage their passions as well as broaden and motivate their interests. We hope that you will explore all your options and involve yourself in something Stagg has to offer!

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