• TedxStagg

    Stagg High School embraced the spirit of “ideas worth spreading” by independently organizing TEDxStagg. TED is an international nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas usually in the form of short, powerful talks. Officially licensed, TEDxStagg provided an opportunity outside of the classroom for students to explore the concept of “growth” and how it can take many forms in different people.

    Organizers and English Teachers Chris Wendelin and Lisa Thyer explained, “TEDxStagg encompasses all definitions and directions of growth, and discredits the idea that growth must be linear. Instead, we believe that growth is a spectrum, and people, especially young adults, will ponder their place on that spectrum. A hopeful side effect: realizing that you don’t have to lead an organization or picket at a rally to change the world; you simply must foster your own personal growth by progressively creating positive habits and pursuing your passions and interests.”

    Take a look at what the TEDxStagg presenters had to say: