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  • About ALL IN for Attendance

    District 230 is ALL IN on Attendance!

    D230 strives for excellence for all students and believes all students need to attend school every day, every period.  We know that students who make every attempt to be in school every day, every period, have an easier time maintaining friendships, have better work habits, and are more likely to go to college and be successful while there.  Our School Report Card shows 94% School Attendance Rate with a 13% Chronic Absenteeism Rate.  This is why D230 is ALL IN on attendance.  

    Research has shown that missing five days of school in a semester reduces graduation rates by twenty-four percentage points (EdWeek). By sixth grade, chronic absence becomes a key predictor of dropout rates  (Attendance Works).  Lastly, students who are more frequently absent from school have weaker performances on state exams, reduced psychological development, increased problem behaviors, higher chances of alcohol and drug use, and lower employment prospects (EdWeek).  This is why D230 is ALL IN on attendance.

    D230 has adopted a proactive approach to support students and their families with school attendance. Students will be able to earn an ALL IN Pass for attending full days of school at a rate of 95% or higher, cumulatively, throughout the school year. They will be able to redeem their ALL IN pass for rewards with local partners who support ALL IN and understand the importance of students being in school. Students have the ability to earn an ALL IN Pass four times a school year.

    Additionally, students attending full days of school at a rate of 95% of higher, cumulatively, will be eligible to win advisory and school rewards. Increased communication will be implemented as parents/guardians will be notified each time their student is absent.

    Parents/Guardians will be invited to meet with members of the PPS Department to problem-solve ways to support students struggling with attending school on a regular basis.  Lastly, students and parents/guardians will be asked annually to take the ALL IN Attendance Pledge. We know our D230 families and students are ALL IN when it comes to attendance.