• Parent Student Handbook

    All information provided in this Parent/Student Handbook, including dates, times, and locations are current as of May 31, 2019 and may be amended during the school year without notice.

    The Parent/Student Handbook contains summaries of board policies governing the district; board policies are available online or at the district office.

    The student handbook was developed to answer many of the commonly asked questions that students and parents may have during the course of a school year. This handbook contains important information for parents and students. It is the responsibility of all parents and students to become familiar with the contents of this handbook. Should you have any questions not addressed in this handbook, please contact the main office of your school.

  • Face Coverings

    The Temporary Restraining Order in the Austin v. Pritzker lawsuit was announced late on Friday, February 4, 2022.

    It’s important to note that the legal process is still ongoing and legal decisions may be made in the days and weeks to come that require the district to make adjustments. The Judge’s ruling will be met with varied responses from members of our school community. It is important that we remain focused on our shared goal of educating students in a learning environment where every individual feels safe and supported. As always, District 230 appreciates the ongoing support of our students and staff.

    One final thought is that this topic and this pandemic has created a difficult situation where our school community continues to be fractured and we continue to challenge our students and staff to be resilient and be better each day to continue to work on a positive and supportive school climate. Any comments, criticism, or harassing individuals based on their choice regarding masking will be absolutely not tolerated.

    Dr. Bob Nolting


    D230 will continue to follow its Reopening Plan that was presented to and affirmed by the School Board on July 29, 2021. We will be implementing YELLOW mitigations on Monday, February 7, 2022. Local metrics indicate that the district is in YELLOW based on community and on-campus metrics.

    YELLOW Mitigations Highlights: (complete listing can be found here)

    • All staff and students are required to follow YELLOW mitigation measures

    • Masking is highly recommended for unvaccinated individuals and optional for vaccinated individuals inside school facilities. There are no masking requirements for the seven District 230 students individually named in the court case.

    • Masks are still required for all individuals on buses per federal guidelines

    The following guidelines are adjusted based on current factors related to both the court case and updated CDC recommendations the IDPH is enforcing:

    • Close contact radius for individuals will move to six feet

      1. Families will receive notification and a request to independently monitor symptoms if students are within six feet of an individual who is COVID positive.

      2. D230 will no longer quarantine individuals unless symptoms develop.

      3. D230 will continue to comply with CCDPH reporting structures. If an individual receives a quarantine order from CCDPH, D230 will honor that order.

    • All individuals who are returning early from isolation due to a COVID positive test MUST wear a mask for days 6 through 10. If this is not agreeable, individuals will remain off-site until after Day 10.

    • Any individual who, while on campus, exhibits COVID symptoms has the following options:

      1. May participate in Test to Stay which requires two COVID Binax tests (one when symptoms are noted, the other within five days)

      2. Or, will be sent home and can only return if:

        1. A negative test is produced by a medical provider (home tests are not acceptable)

        2. If an individual complies with 5 days of isolation and returns masked for days 6 through 10, assuming symptoms have subsided and fever is reduced without medication