• D230 Works


     To enhance educational experiences through building community partnerships that support innovative ideas so that students are well educated on specific career pathways that interest them and develop appropriate post-secondary plans aligned to their career goals. 

    What is Work Based Learning (WBL)?

     "This element addresses the delivery of a continuum of work-based learning involving sustained, meaningful interactions with industry or community professionals that foster in-depth, firsthand engagement with the tasks required in a given career field. Experiences may be delivered in workplaces, in the community, at educational institutions and/or virtually, as appropriate, and include a range of activities such as workplace tours, job shadowing, school-based enterprises, internships and apprenticeships. The following reports, articles, guides and toolkits can help you develop and implement high-quality work-based learning." (www.acteonline.org)

    Why STEM and CTE?

    There is a strong connection between CTE and STEM where both of these areas in education are using an interdisciplinary approach to learning that incorporates project based and real-world lessons to better prepare our students to be competitive in the rapidly changing global economy. The mission of Consolidated High School District 230 incorporates core values which include "student centered, mutual respect, human potential, continuous improvement, and resource efficiency". By connecting these two areas of education together along with the core values of Consolidated High School District 230 we will better prepare our students to use their intelligence to be creative problem solvers and lifelong learners who change the world we live in.

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