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    eLearning Days Proposal

    In District 230's ongoing efforts to provide innovative educational opportunities for students, we are exploring the use of eLearning Days instead of traditional Emergency School Closing Days for bad weather or emergency circumstances. The State of Illinois recently put into place guidelines for eLearning Days which the district is following.

    Digital Learning Expansion

    With the expansion of District 230's Digital Learning program including Chromebooks for all students and digital infrastructure in place, we are now prepared to implement eLearning Days.

    eLearning Days allow students and staff to learn and work virtually at home instead of having to cancel school, providing a continuation of learning in their coursework without disruption. This is especially helpful for first semester courses that would lose the day of instruction completely since make-up days are traditionally held at the end of second semester. It is also beneficial for those enrolled in Advanced Placement courses as the make-up days are traditionally held after the AP Exams are administered.

    Virtual Environment Prepares for Future

    In a technological world where college courses and remote work arrangements rely more heavily on virtual environments, eLearning Days are a great way to expose students to these scenarios while being supported by teachers and staff.

    Community Input

    Over the past several months, the administration has been exploring eLearning Days as an option. We've looked at how other school districts structure the experience. We've sought feedback from students, staff, and community through a number of Advisory and Committee meetings. Now that we have a solid proposed plan, we are seeking feedback from parents and the larger community. Please review the proposed plan outlined here and provide any feedback you believe will assist us in finalizing the eLearning Day structure by completing this feedback form. Feedback gathered by December 12, 2019, will be considered as we finalize the plan to present at a Public Hearing on December 19, 2019, at 7 p.m. at Sandburg High School prior to the School Board meeting.

    As always, we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with our community in order to provide innovative learning opportunities for students that prepare them for their future. We believe eLearning Days are a beneficial option to allow for continuous learning now and preparation for college and careers in a technological world.


    Dr. James M. Gay