• Reopening Plan Update

    Since June of 2020, District 230 has developed two different reopening plans in order to provide for a safe campus to maximize onsite instruction for students and staff. During the 2020-21 school year, in response to the pandemic, there was an incremental plan to bring back students over the course of the year. At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, the plan was to maintain onsite instruction throughout the year for all students and staff.

    After February 2022, there was a major shift in national and state priorities related to maintaining open schools as our nation entered year three of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we proposed the third plan for the School Board to consider on March 31, 2022.

    The CDC and IDPH have updated their guidance and established new metrics to determine the level of mitigations schools should consider when the spread of COVID-19 in our community changes. D230 will use this metric to consider levels of mitigations.

    The CCDPH has moved to a Green (Low), Yellow (Medium), and Orange (High) coded system based on three metrics.

    Low Medium High

    • Cases per 100,000 in last 7 days
    • Hospital Admissions per 100,000 in Last 7 Days
    • Hospital Beds Occupied by COVID-19 patients in last 7 Days

    This information will be collected and reported weekly as we consider adjusting mitigation measures as needed.

    As we’ve realized from the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to be flexible and adjust when needed is important. We will continue to update students, staff, and parents via weekly messages throughout the remainder of the school year. 


    You can download a PDF of the plan here or click through the tabs below for the details.



  • Masking

    • Masks are optional for students and staff in GREEN and YELLOW. While in YELLOW, students or staff who are immunocompromised or have individuals within their households who are prone to severe reactions to COVID-19 are highly encouraged to wear masks.

    Optional Optional Required

    • If D230 reaches ORANGE, masking will be required indoors at all times unless eating.
    • Masks will be optional while on D230 transportation. If D230 is in ORANGE, masks will be required on D230 transportation.
    • D230 will continue to provide masks to students and staff upon request.
    • IDs/lanyards are no longer required to be worn by students. Students, however, still must have IDs on their person while on school premises.


  • Testing

    • D230 will allow for elective onsite testing for students and staff during regular school hours upon request or if symptoms develop.
    • D230 students and staff will be required to test to remain onsite.

Arrival / Dismissal

  • Arrival / Dismissal

    • Students who drive or are dropped off should arrange to arrive at school no later than 7:45 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and no later than 9:15 a.m. on Late Start Wednesdays.
    • As we are still experiencing a shortage of bus drivers, we will continue to offer A/B routes for selected buses until the end of the 2021-22 school year.
    • Students who arrive early or stay late must be in supervised areas at all times. Students are not to remain on campus after 3 p.m. unless they are there due to a specified reason (athletics, co-curriculars, academic support, detention, etc).

Certification of Vaccination

  • Certification of Vaccination

    • Students and staff are still strongly encouraged to share vaccination status with the district.
      • Student vaccination cards can be uploaded in Skyward.
      • Staff vaccination cards can be uploaded in LaserFiche.

Cleaning Protocols

  • Cleaning Protocols

    • D230 will continue to use enhanced cleaning protocols including the use of hospital-grade, EPA registered disinfectants for all classroom and work surfaces.
    • Cleaning of high-touch surfaces will occur after hours.
    • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available in each classroom.
    • Electrostatic cleaning will be used in areas where a COVID-19 positive individual was located or upon request from building administration for precautionary measures.

Co-Curricular / Activities

  • Co-Curricular / Activities

    • Follow all IHSA, SWSC, or similar organizational expectations for performance and/or competition standards. This includes if masks are required to participate, D230 students must comply in order to be eligible to compete.

Field Trips

  • Field Trips

    • Field trips can resume as normal.
      • Due to staffing shortages, building administration reserves the right to limit these experiences as needed.
    • Students must comply with the policies and mitigations required by field trip locations. If students cannot or choose not to comply, they will be provided with an alternative assignment.

      Food Service/Lunches

      • Food Service/Lunches

        • School lunchrooms will return to their normal seating on April 4, 2022.
        • Outdoor eating will be allowed throughout the spring, weather permitting.
        • Cashless payment will remain throughout the remainder of the school year.

      Hallways / Classrooms

      • Hallways / Classrooms

        • All hallway restrictions, including use of locker facilities, have been lifted.
        • All classrooms are reset to normal seating capacities.
        • Rooms will be regularly reviewed to determine if greater social distancing can be attained.
        • Staff may opt to have six-foot teacher zones if requested.
        • Classrooms will maintain cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer as these practices maximize the safety of our learning spaces.

      Nurse Protocols

      • Nurse Protocols

        • The CDC considers school nurse areas to be considered health care settings. Therefore, they are held to the standards of the Executive Order requiring the wearing of masks while in the nurse areas.
        • All staff, unless in a private office and not in the presence of students, staff, or outside visitors, should wear a mask while in the Nurse's Office.
        • Students while in the Nurse’s Office area must wear a mask. Masks will be available in the nurse’s area for convenience.

      PE / Lab-based Courses

      • PE / Lab-based Courses

        • PE will resume all normal activities without restrictions.
        • Outdoor activities will be prioritized when weather conditions allow.
        • Lab-based courses will return to normal activities. Students may elect to wear a mask due to close proximity of certain projects.

      Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines

      • Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines

        • D230 will continue with the following practices regarding Quarantine and Isolation:
          • Effective on April 4, 2022, D230 will no longer be conducting close contact tracing and, therefore, will no longer notify individuals who may have been within close proximity of a COVID-19 positive individual.
          • For any individual who is COVID-19 positive or COVID-19 probable, the following isolation guidelines are:
            • Students and staff who are symptomatic should self-isolate and submit to a COVID test.
            • Students or staff who either receive a positive test or are covid probable (symptomatic and potentially exposed to anyone who is covid positive) will isolate for 5 days.
            • Day 1 is the day following the onset of symptoms or positive test result.
            • Day 5 is the final day of isolation assuming the individual is fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication and has a reduction in symptoms (i.e. chills, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, loss of taste and/or smell).
            • Upon return on Day 6, individuals should be wearing a mask until Day 10.
            • These recommendations apply to all individuals, including those who are unvaccinated or are not boosted even though they are eligible.
        • If individuals are quarantined by a doctor or CCDPH, D230 will support those quarantine orders.

      Spectator Limits / Onsite School Events

      • Spectator Limits / Onsite School Events

        • D230 schools will no longer enforce indoor spectator limits or determine distancing zones or regulations. We will continue to encourage social distancing between groups if possible.
        • Virtual “streaming” will continue, but will not be ensured for every event.
        • Spectators may opt to mask at all times.
        • All school events planned for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year will take place without COVID mitigations. This includes prom, graduation, scholarship night, and other similar building events.
          • Some events may continue to be modified based on the time in which the event was planned or due to the positive changes realized by the modification during the pandemic. Building administration will communicate those changes as appropriate.


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