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Principal's Message

 To all families,

This spring, our school and schools across the country, manage the impact of the pandemic facing our nation.  There is no script, no contingency plan, and no previous training for a massive school closure.  In the early days, our families, students, and staff were amazing - flexible, responsible and focused on preserving a semblance of school.  For that, I am most appreciative.

As for the length of time this takes, it will be more of a challenge to reorganize a year that has been carefully planned out for the events and activities we have valued or “have to” perform in a single school year.  There will be loss, there will be modifications of things that we hold dear, and we may have to reduce events in light of recent events.  I feel for our seniors, retirees, and parents who are hoping their last year as T-Bolt’s was one to remember.  Albeit, none of us will forget the Spring of 2020, it is not the way was wanted it to be memorable.

As we make decisions, we will value the following priorities:

  • Students first
  • Educational opportunities and attainment are the foundation of our school
  • Clear and constant communication
  • Always modify before we cancel

No one holds a crystal ball and things will change a dozen times since this article was written.  No matter what, we will make it through and be stronger as a result of these events.

Robert Nolting