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Principal's Message


As the summer begins, it is time to reflect and decompress from a very positive and successful 2018-19 school year.  I am proud to share the following:


  • Participation in school activities (clubs, athletics, theater, etc.) remains exceptionally high - around 78% of our entire school participated in at least one activity/sport, nearly 54% participated in more than one activity/sport.
  • In what seems like an annual statement, we set another new record this year in Advanced Placement test participation. Our students enrolled in this challenging curriculum realized the value of taking the exam, seeing our numbers of students testing jump again!  This year, we had 570 students take over 1,050 AP exams.
  • Although both semesters saw varied results, we continue to have a positive impact on students enrolling in an academic level, grade appropriate curriculum. We had success in having students in academic core classes successfully accomplish a C or higher (88%) which was slightly higher than last year.  Additionally, we reached a record low of 1.4% failures.  The time and resources we pour into our resource centers, Tbolt Time, and other interventions seems to be paying off!
  • Our senior class had some great end of career achievements. Our seniors earned over $6.5 million in scholarships to four year, two year, and other post-secondary programs.  Additionally, the class accumulated over 40,000 community service hours as a group!
  • Student referrals declined for a third straight year. We realized a decline in overall referrals, as well as out of school suspensions.  This has been made possible through our Intervention Room, as well as our alternative to detention program, encouraging students to process and reflect versus simply to receive punishment.
  • After unveiling our Fine Arts Signing Day and Future Educators Signing Day, along with our Athletic Signing Day we are energized by the post-secondary recognition and celebrations we continue to value at VJA!


As always, there are areas of “not yet” we need to continue to improve.  They are:


  • Closing the Achievement Gap with students based on socioeconomic levels (poverty). We continue to see a fixed gap in academic achievement that needs to be closed.
  • Continued focus on the SAT implementation, leveraging our own student data to learn how to improve the results for future T-Bolts.
  • Accelerate the shift in our school to become more relevant in the 21st Century - preparing our students for college AND career readiness…


Our hope for 2019-20 is continued success in many of our areas, as well as the ability to keep growing towards perfection - a goal we know we’ll never reach, but will always try.


Please enjoy the rest of your summer.  As always, I remain both proud and humble to serve as your Principal.  If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at


Robert Nolting






May is likely the busiest and most emotional month