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Future Educator Night

District 230 Future Educator Night explores opportunities for high school students interested in education careers

Part of the larger Educator Pipeline project to address the teacher shortage


High School District 230 will host a Future Educator Night for current high school students interested in the field of education on December 3, 2019, at 6:30 pm at the District 230 Administration Center (15100 S. 94th Avenue, Orland Park.) The event is open to any District 230 student who is interested in exploring education as a career.

A current District 230 teacher, Future Teacher club sponsor, a student teacher, and college and university partners will discuss the opportunities District 230 is offering for students interested in earning dual-credit and exploring the field of education. 

Starting in the 2020-21 school year, District 230 will offer numerous dual-credit courses to help offset the cost of college, promote the field of education, and help students explore the numerous career opportunities in the education field. Along with hearing from District educators, representatives from Loyola University, Moraine Valley Community College, Illinois State University and St. Xavier University will be present to share post-secondary planning information, the benefits of a career in education, and scholarship opportunities.   

This event is part of a creative, strategic plan District 230 has implemented to address the teacher shortage the state of Illinois is facing. The decrease in the total number of Illinois teachers over the past decade has outpaced the decline in student enrollment in the state, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

 Background on Teacher Shortage

A recent informational meeting held by District 230 for teachers who may consider retirement in the next nine years, generated interest from more than 100 teachers, or just under 20% of the District 230 teaching staff. At this time, the District is aware of 20 teachers who will retire at the end of this school year alone.

To assure District 230 continues to be a beacon of highly qualified, excellent educators in the southland, District 230 is proactively addressing the state-wide teacher shortage. District 230’s Educator Pipeline encourages students to pursue education as a career, provides supports and partnerships on their journey, as well as attracts and retains highly qualified staff to join the District 230 family.

District 230's Plan

A comprehensive approach guides this work with key audiences of current District 230 students and college students pursuing education including those who student teach in our schools. 

For District 230 Students

Future Teacher Club

District 230 students explore various fields in education as a career option through a new Future Teacher Club at each campus. These clubs provide insights into the field and connect students to experts. For example, Students have visited colleges of education, learned from guest speakers in education and discussed career opportunities.  

Providing High School Students Career Experiences

Beginning next year,  District 230 will offer a newly designed course called Internship in Education, formerly Teacher Internship, for juniors and seniors. The district realizes that allowing students to explore numerous areas in the field of education such as teaching, counseling, social work, school nursing, high education, and various other aspects can help students make informed decisions about their post-secondary plans prior to leaving high school.

Education Pathways to Colleges and Universities

A large scale initiative to build partnerships with colleges and universities to provide dual-credit opportunities and teacher pathways that lead to degrees in education is also in the works. High school students will be able to take courses that may help with leading to a degree in education by receiving college credit while still in high school. Next school year, two new courses, Introduction to Education and Exploring Education, will be offered in conjunction with dual-credit from Loyola University for juniors and seniors. Pathways from District 230 to Moraine Valley to a number of colleges and universities fast track future teachers and save tuition money as they get a jumpstart on their careers. Northern Illinois University, St. Xavier University, Loyola University, University of Illinois, Illinois State University and Moraine Valley are currently in discussions with the district to help build these pathways and provide other education-related opportunities to our students like information sessions, specialized college visits, and navigation through the complexities of degree completion.


For College Students

Student Teaching Program

The current District 230 Student Teaching Program has been revamped this school year. Each year, the District mentors student teachers from a number of colleges and universities to complete the final required component of their degree program. This year, there is an increased emphasis on the District 230 teacher serving as a mentor to the student-teacher. The district is committed to providing professional development opportunities for the student teachers beyond what is provided by their college. The District 230 teachers serve as mentors, role models, coaches, co-teachers, and evaluators. This increased emphasis on teacher preparation for student teachers will enhance their teaching skills and create a strong pipeline for future openings in our schools.

Teaching Internship

The District has made a commitment to our student teachers by offering a paid internship for the spring semester.  For most student teachers who graduate in December, they are not able to find permanent employment until the hiring season begins for the following August. College students currently student teaching in our schools have the exclusive opportunity to apply for six competitive, paid internships that begin in January following the completion of the student teaching assignment and conclude at the end of the current school year. The purpose of the internship is to provide a mutually beneficial professional development opportunity to newly licensed teachers which include mentoring, job shadowing, training, professional growth activities, guidance and reflection, and substitute coverage for teachers in the assigned school. Two to three days per week will be devoted to specified internship activities and the remaining days will consist of providing substitute coverage in the assigned school.  Internships provide an excellent opportunity for professional development to newly licensed teachers in preparation for the annual spring hiring season, as well as a rich pipeline for D230 to connect quality teacher candidates to anticipated teacher vacancies due to retirements.