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Andrew student designer creates dress from magazine

Andrew High School junior Kinsey Shoemaker is an independent Fashion student who has always dreamed about competing in a fashion show and being able to show the world the clothing designs she creates. She may well be on her way thanks to a Vogue magazine-inspired dress she created out of the pages of the magazine.

Kinsey spent the last few weeks in Tycee Sasso's Fashion and Interior Design Class choosing her favorite iconic Vogue pictures to illustrate her mini fit and flare dress. 

Kinsey said, “I knew right away when hearing about the assignment that I wanted the dress to use black and white magazine covers. The bodice of the dress uses older magazine covers, mostly from the 1950s-60s, and the skirt of the dress uses more recent magazine covers, including some of my favorite celebrities. I wanted the variety of magazine covers to show how much fashion has changed and evolved over the years.”

“I made the bodice of the dress by taping and gluing the pages together, and I used a hole punch and string to make the corset back. I made the skirt of the dress using the same process of gluing and taping, however, I stapled the pages to an elastic band to make sure the waistband would be able to stretch. I also wanted the skirt of the dress to have a pleated look to it, so I layered the pages over each other to give that effect,” she added. 

Kinsey will be a Fashion & Interior Design 2 student in the spring and plans to pursue her fashion career at SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design) in Atlanta. “I want to be able to start my own business and sell trendy, popular clothing styles using only recycled fabrics,” she said.