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Tbolt artists celebrate Fine Arts Signing Day

A total of 18 Victor J. Andrew High School students plan to pursue The Arts beyond high school and recently celebrated their media, visual and performing arts artistry at the 4th annual Fine Arts Signing Day.

Andrew English, Music and ELL Division Chair Mary McCarthy said, “We are here today to commemorate this class and celebrate their present and future. We are lucky to have worked with you and excited to see where you take your art beyond high school.”

Fifteen of the students were able to attend the signing. Art teacher David Carroll said of his student Prada Howatt, who intends to study photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, “Her photography bridges the great divide between 2- and 3-dimensional imagery. Her art translates into photographic sculpture”


Music teacher Mark Iwinski said of saxophone musician Zachary Soloman, who intends on majoring in Music Performance at the University of Michigan, “During the pandemic, Zach and two others took it upon themselves to form a trio and virtually compete in music contests, quickly making a name for themselves and elevating their musicianship.”


According to Art teacher Kerrie Klitz, “Artist Phoebe Janecyk has a rare ability to see in 3-dimensions and to sculpt it.” Janecyk will continue her sculpting and special effects at Moraine Community College.


Music teacher Christopher Moan said of Dylan Young, who will attend DePaul University, majoring in Theatre Arts, “Dylan is a consummate thespian, writer, performer and soloist. He has left an indelible mark on Andrew's theatre”


Auditorium Director Lisa Sison said Sara Staudacher is a shepherd who made it her mission to take everyone under her wing and make sure they all felt like they belong. Staudacher plans to study Theatre Production Design and Technology at Illinois State University.


English teacher Michael Stephenson said of Bella Pelini, who has enrolled at Elon University’s cinema and television program, “Bella embodies fine arts on and off the stage. An avid film maker, I, for one, cannot wait to buy a ticket to a Bella Pelini film someday.”


Jaqueline Barker: Columbia College-Chicago - Photography

Brianna Brusokas: Moraine Valley Community College - Film

Richard Campbell: Moraine Valley Community College - Photography/Video

*Karoline Corning: Undecided - Musical Theatre

John Dykstra: Moraine Valley Community College - Technical Theatre

Jeremy Faustin: Moraine Valley Community College - Music Education

Rayne Grabowski: Lewis University - Music Industry

*Reagan Hill: American Academy of Art - 3D Modeling and Animation

Prada Howatt: School of Visual Arts, NYC - Photography/Video

Phoebe Janecyk: Moraine Valley Community College - Sculpting/Special Effects

Madeline Kordell: School of the Art Institute - Fiber & Material Study

Elena Miller: Cleveland Institute - Music Performance

Noah Montoya: Illinois State University - Communications

Bella Pelini: Elon University - Cinema and Television

*Alex Procajlo: University of Michigan - Music Performance

Zachary Solomon: University of Michigan - Music Performance & Composition

Sara Staudacher: Illinois State University - Theatre production Design & Technology

Dylan Young: DePaul University - Theatre Arts