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D230 recognizes top academic students

In celebration of academic excellence, Consolidated High School District 230 recognizes its top-performing students for their outstanding academic achievements. These exceptional scholars have demonstrated dedication, intelligence, and commitment to their academic pursuits, distinguishing themselves as leaders within their schools.

From mastering complex equations to crafting insightful essays, these students have showcased their prowess across various disciplines, setting a benchmark for excellence within District 230 and beyond. Their remarkable academic accomplishments underscore the dedicated support and guidance provided by educators and parents alike.

"We are thrilled to honor these exceptional students who have consistently gone above and beyond in their academic endeavors," said Superintendent Dr. Robert Nolting. "Their commitment to learning, coupled with their passion for knowledge, serves as an inspiration to the entire District 230 community."

As District 230 continues to prioritize academic excellence and student success, the recognition of these top achievers serves as a testament to the school district's unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders who inspire and innovate.

Top 1% Academic Award - Sandburg

Ameera Hamadeh

Brendan Haran

Julia Kruczak

Juliana Paddock

Morgan Rafacz

Jessica Ramirez

Addison Torgerson

Gabriella Virgen

Top 1% Academic Award - Stagg

Maryam Alaani

Dina Liqa

Vanessa Daunoras

Piotr Zawislan

Elizabeth Ellsworth

Tessa Welsch

Top 1% Academic Award - Andrew

Emily Conneely

Geirard Fernandez

Cassandra Marquez

Brian Ondras

Rachel Young