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MUN Earns Best Large Delegation

Consolidated High School District 230’s Carl Sandburg High School Model United Nations attended the Saint Ignatius High School 21st annual conference, also known as SIMUN. Sandburg delegates engaged in an enriching competition with students from nearly 50 schools and ended the day as the Best Large Delegation. 


Students from Sandburg participated in compelling committees throughout the day, such as the European Union, John F. Kennedy’s historical cabinet, and even the Amazon Board of Directors. Accompanying these were interesting topics of discussion, including the safety of the Harry Potter wizarding world, preventing the spread of communicable diseases, and the stability of Zeus’ leadership over the Council of Olympus. 


Sandburg delegates, after winning 30 awards–half of which were Best Delegates– remarked that the conference was extremely well run and engaging which gave them a great opportunity to succeed. CSMUN’s 15 gavels at SIMUN sets a new record for the team surpassing last year's count by two.


This week, the CSMUN team will fly out to California to compete at Stanford’s conference: SMUNC. Their sights are set on winning their fourth Delegation award at Stanford in six years. Follow the team on Twitter @SandburgMUN or on Instagram @csmodelun. 


Basil George and Roger Aurelio

Katie Friel

Sam Rose and Jozef Laran

Adunola Ogedengbe

Joe Gentile and Ahmad Abdallah

Katie Karsky

Ahmed Ali

Matthew Mokrzycki

Maco Jeleniewski

Aubrey Thornton

Ethan Oliven

Naveen Koshy



Dean Bruton

Mohammed Atiya

Nkeoma Nwachukwu

Carson Banker

Danny Norbut

Brady Riordan

Marina Blanc

Jack Maloney



Sarah Allyson Torres and Grace Pittacora

Andy Acosta

Layan Rahman

Ali Abdeen

Shea Casey
Ava Reilly