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Final Exam Schedule Revisions



Starting yesterday and throughout the day, we’ve been tracking a potential winter storm predicted to impact our area beginning Thursday afternoon and into Friday. In anticipation of the blizzard-like conditions forecasted, District 230 is modifying its final exam bell schedule and exams slated for all three final exam days.

There is a significant risk that we will not be able to safely have school for our students and staff due to this weather pattern, which includes significant snow accumulation, high winds, and declining temperatures.  Additionally, we also know the importance of concluding our semester, which does include final exams, on time to the best of our ability.

Today, we worked with our building administration and teacher association leadership to revise the exam schedule. The following are highlights of these changes:

  • Shifting periods - All but the Zero Hour exam were frontloaded and shifted to Day 1 and Day 2. In doing so, we also wanted to maintain the ability to have no more than three exams on a given day. 

    • Wednesday exams will include Periods, 1, 3, and 8

    • Thursday exams will include Periods 4, 7, 6, and 5. Including all three lunch periods on a single day will minimize the risk of students taking more than three exams. 

    • Friday will include zero hour and makeup. Assuming we feel the need to shift to an E-learning day, zero hour and potential makeups will be the only tests impacted.

  • Maintaining the 9:30am start of testing as well as 3pm end.  

    • Wednesday will have the same bell schedule as previously published.

    • Thursday will begin at 9:30am and an adjusted bell to end by 3pm

    • Friday will have the same bell schedule as previously published.

  • E-learning day parameters: If an E-learning day is called on Friday, students and staff will work remotely. Students will be asked to check in on Friday to see any messages from teachers.  

    • If a student is scheduled for a zero hour test, staff will have the following options:

      • Issue grades in progress

      • If the assessment can be completed in an Elearning environment, the assessment can be required

      • A teacher may develop, with administrative support, an alternative assessment

      • The exam can be scheduled on 1/10. If an Elearning day is called, D230 will convert the first day of student attendance (1/10) to a late start schedule. Students who need to complete their exam will do so between 8-9:30am. The remainder of the day will be a modified, late start schedule.

We understand the inconvenience this weather causes for our staff and our students. We hope this revised schedule and the timing of the change will allow for steps to be taken to modify as needed. We also know that changing on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning would be very difficult to accommodate at that late time. We will continue to monitor the weather and make changes accordingly to prioritize our students and staff safety.