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Service Learning above and beyond

Congratulations and thanks are in store for 90 Consolidated High School District 230 students at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools. Each provided a minimum of 100 hours of voluntary, unpaid community service for a total just shy of 10,886 hours, qualifying for the Sheriff’s Office Commitment to Service Award. This award is given to residents of Cook County, grades 9-12, who have provided meaningful volunteer service to their communities from September 2021 to August 2022. 

While District 230 has a 25 hour community service graduation requirement, the Service Award requires a minimum of 100 hours, above and beyond hours served as a school requirement.

Several students have received this prestigious award multiple times and several more have donated upwards of 500 community service hours over the course of their high school careers. 

District 230 students volunteer at local park districts, summer programs, police and fire departments, faith organizations, local schools, Beds programs, soup kitchens, summer camps, help with special needs kids and adults, museums/zoos, community theater, youth sports and cheer programs, mission trips and local libraries throughout the local communities.

Andrew T-Bolt Sophia Coleman spends every Saturday in the fall and the spring helping direct plays for elementary students. Coleman said, “I love working with children! I work with 5-year-olds up to students in junior high. While my friends are sleeping in, I feel productive and spend my Saturdays connecting with little kids.” 

Classmate Amber Wojciak has logged more than 166 volunteer hours to date and enjoys the work. She volunteers at the Bridge Thrift Store, the sister organization to The Bridge Teen Center. Wojciak sorts clothes and sells jewelry. “I’ve wanted to volunteer at the thrift store since I was little. I love it. It’s a great way to connect with people and hear their stories,” Wojciak said.

Andrew High School hosted their ceremony last week. Stagg High School will honor their volunteers on February 16 and Sandburg High School will recognize their student volunteers February 27.

Congratulations to the following Sandburg students:

Sarah Abuisneineh-100.5
Andre Akpan-100
Jena Almasri-113.25
Mohammad Atiya-141
Zachary Barrett-100
Kaitlin Bauer-132.5
Sophia Bonaminio-243
Brianna Borgman-100.75
Kenya Cooley-163
Luke Hung-En Dauber-125
Hannah Dvorak-113.75
Frank Edelen-128
Bayan Eid-111
Cayla Evans-157.25
Madelyn Farrar-124
Sophia Figueroa-169.25
Ava Giblin-101.75
Gabriella Gillund-125
Ameera Hamdeh-113.5
Jaime Hansan-138
Grace Harty-132
Christine Jaeger-148
Haya Khan-100
Julia Malysz-104
Tiana Mathew-103
Rilley McDoniel-100.2
Camden McElligott-102
Rund Qablany-103
Reese Rodriguez-125
Samantha Rose-268
Sara Senese-142
Courtney Stevenson-400
Lukas Vossos-102.5
Harrison Weidemiller-125
Paige Zikmund-106