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Model UN Team earns 5 honors at Boston Conference

Members of the Carl Sandburg High School Model United Nations Team traveled to Boston University’s Model United Nations conference this past weekend and brought home one Outstanding Delegate, three Honorable Mentions and one Best Position Paper. Attendance reached pre-COVID numbers, with more than 1,500 delegates. 

In total, 15 Sandburg delegates worked diligently while competing against delegations from schools all over the country, including those from Boston, California, New York, and many others. Over the course of three long days, delegates collaborated, adapted, and persevered to resolve issues within their respective committees.  

At the opening ceremonies, delegates listened to retired ambassador Mark C. Storella give insightful advice on diplomacy and perseverance.  With inspiring remarks from BOSMUN’s Secretary-General Ward Alktaish, delegates were motivated to participate fully within the next twelve hours of debating, writing, and voting. Delegates faced many challenges in their committees, yet each individual responded with diplomacy and dedication.

Sandburg delegates were given the opportunity to showcase their hard work and passion toward the club throughout each committee session.  Being able to adapt to any circumstance within sessions, each delegate fought hard for every opportunity to become more involved in debate. Through these efforts, Sandburg delegates were able to learn and expand their knowledge on the different aspects that make up international policy. Ultimately, each committee was able to reach a solution to the topics at hand, with delegates taking away a unique experience.  

Congratulations on the efforts of the entire team and on the recognition of the following delegates,

Outstanding Delegates: 
Sophomore Adunola Ogedengbe

Honorable Mentions:
Junior Katie Karsky 
Sophomore Sarah Allyson Torres
Sophomore Aubrey Thornton

Best Position Paper: 
Senior Layan Rahman