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Economics Team takes 1st place in Stock Market Game by $20.47

Carl Sandburg High School Economics students recently received medals for earning first place in the Spring 2023 Southwest Suburban Region Stock Market Game for grades 9-12.

The winning team includes three sophomores, Lamar Alburdi, Malak Ammari and Katlyn Hubbard, along with junior Shamiya Brown. The team is coached by Economics teacher Christina Simpson.

The team won in a spectacular upset over Lincoln-Way East High School on the last day of trading. They beat the runner up by a mere $20.47. Their winning positions included 4600 shares of NAAS stock that experienced 113.05% growth over two months, with 230 shares of AMZN and 32 shares of AAPL. 

Economics teacher Christina Simpson says, “I use the game to teach students about investing, the stock market, and business. I hope students have a better understanding of opportunities for investment, the balance of risk and reward, and stock market mechanics. It is also a fun way for students to collaborate and investigate current events, as well as build and utilize graph analysis and research skills.” 

The Stock Market Game is sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation and is an online simulation of global capital markets that engages students in the world of economics, investing and personal finance. In Illinois, it is sponsored by the Illinois Bankers Association. Ms. Simpson has been playing this game with students for nearly 2 decades.